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Quaid a Azam – Muhammad Ali Jinah (Founder of PAKISTAN)



Enough is Enough


Enough is enough


SSG - Pakistan Armed Forces

Pakistan wake up… and tell these terrorists that we were asleep but not dead. We have awakened from deep sleep and now get ready for punishment. We are behind our Pak Forces and we will defeat you, as you deserve.

Tell this bunch of losers and fanatics, that their end is near. Their stupid ideas and logic about Islam is not real, they are just illiterate, brainwashed Muslim extremists. Who only know to kill the innocent people in the name of God. If these stupid Taliban think, they are on right path, and then they should come face to face to fight with us, instead of attacking from behind.

Pakistani Youth - Jazba Junoon

Pakistan, tell these so called Muslims that we are after them now, and we will hunt them down. The entire nation stands with the Pakistan Armed Forces, shoulder to shoulder. You come to our cities; we will hunt and kill you there. These extremists have no place on this planet earth; they have played their part of the game. Now it’s our turn to teach you a lesson. We will not let you use the name of Allah and Islam for satanic sacrifices.

Chacha Pakistani

Pakistan tell these extremists, that we are a nation not herd, and we know you and your agenda. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. We are ready to face you. You stupid Taliban come out of your hide outs and give us a face to face try.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Fauji Jawan


Pakistan ka Qaumi Tarana قومی ترانہ – Pakistan’s National Anthem

قومی ترانہ

Lyrics: Hafeez Jallundari
Music: Akbar Mohammed, 1950
Adopted: 1954


:پاک سرزمین شاد

کشور حسین شاد باد

تو نشان عزم عالیشان

! ارض پاکستان

مرکز یقین شاد باد


:پاک سرزمین کا نظام

قوت اخوت عوام

قوم ، ملک ، سلطنت

! پائندہ تابندہ باد

شاد باد منزل مراد


:پرچم ستارہ و ہلال

رہبر ترقی و کمال

ترجمان ماضی شان حال

! جان استقبال

سایۂ خدائے ذوالجلال


Transliteration – Roman

Pāk sarzamīn shād bād

Kishwar-e-hasīn shād bād

Tū nishān-e-`azm-e-`alīshān


Markaz-e-yaqīn shād bād


Pāk sarzamīn kā nizām


Qaum, mulk, sultanat

Pā-inda tābinda bād!

Shād bād manzil-e-murād




Tarjumān-e-māzī, shān-e-hāl




Qaumi Tarana with English subtitles