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Dunya TV Pakistan

Dunya TV, a Pakistani tv channel claiming to be partner of free media, is actually funded by Asif Ali Zardari Inc. There bias towards the opposition is very prominent in their talk shows, News and public interest messages. One of their show Hasb-e-Haal is only to discuss Asif Zardari’s competencies, his super vision and his sacrifices, and talk bad about opposition, especially PML-N.

Electronic media’s this trend is very dangerous for Pakistan, democracy and people of Pakistan. Electronic media should not be funded by any of the Political party. We as a nation should stop the bias and show our power to save Pakistan from this so called free media and our corrupt politicians.

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Pakistani Media (Role)

Pakistan’s media has very important role to play, but currently, it seems they are busy discussing useless topics. Media is interested in inviting mirch masala politicians, so their show’s rating can go up and anchor make good money. This trend is very bad, and dangerous. Media should be discussing the real issues, instead of inviting liars. I’m not saying all of them are liars, but they are irrelavent.

Need to write more on this… your thoughts and comments are appreciated.