What are we trying to prove?

I was keeping quite for a while, wanted to relax and let the things go as usual. knowing that we as Human beings, Muslims and Pakistanis have tendencies to keep doing the stuff to defame ourselves.

I kept quite when our stupid pakistani politicians started blame game and point scoring on the lives of flood affected people. I’m so annoyed and hopless about Pakistan’s current situation, which can not be explained. I didn’t want to waste my energy criticising these thugs like zardari the 10% and his team, altaf hussain and his tabalchi khawaja serras, ch. bratheran and mafia, shareef bratheran and their illiterate ministers, all maulanas and bastard pervaiz musharraf.

But all of sudden this match fixing news about Pakistani cricketers, shook me and I decided to come back to the my blog. I don’t know, we as Muslims and Pakistani’s, are trying to prove the whole world? Its a shame for every Pakistani.

Ai Mairay Pakistani logo, please wake up, the time is running out, do something, say something. Don’t just blindly follow your so called batsard leaders. They will sell you to your enemies of Islam and Pakistan. Stand up and say NO to these visious people, who are selling Islam and Pakistan. These people are not our heros. One more group I missed, and they are the biggest enemies of Islam, Taliban the batsrads, alongwith killers al-qaida group. Stand up against these killers too, these are ones who have defamed our Relegion and humanity.

Imran Khan is a good person, but he should not involve himself in bad politics. He should keep doing the good work and not to wait for PML N to topple the zardari’s corrupt government.

I’ll write more on this.

DON’T WAIT… Support Imran Khan, and any other good people who are willing to do good for Islam and Pakistan.

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